AVTECH DVR 16CH H 265 (5MP)รุ่น AVZ2017

รหัสสินค้า : AVZ2017


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รายละเอียดสินค้า AVTECH DVR 16CH H 265 (5MP)รุ่น AVZ2017

  • รายละเอียด:AVTECH AVZ2017 16CH (5MP) Pentabrid 16CH XVRH.265 Compression Technology The recording capacity is greatly enhanced as well as bandwidth saving for better efficiency and performance than the systems employing other compression formats Scenario Customization Allows you to customize a series of actions which will be run automatically after the specified event occurs. There are several scenario templates for you to choose when and what to do after a specific event occurs. Free P2P Cloud EaZy Networking Cloud EaZy Networking available to connect this device to Internet automatically in three steps with our free mobile app, EagleEyes. The “Buddy” feature to share the device access permission to other people.  Device login / out notifications reported. Push Video & Push Status - Active Event Notification with EagleEyes App Push Video to send instant notifications for an alarm event when an alarm device is connected to the recorder or the camera which supports external alarm device connection Push Status to send instant notifications for system events, such as video loss or HDD data removal. Pentabrid Video Input 16 channels of IP / TVI / CVI / Analog HD / 960H video input, within which IP channels are up to 12 channels  Up to 5MP display & recordingEvent Pop-up / Preview All events are listed on the right panel with corresponding event icons for you to quickly recognize the event type. The most current one will flash to catch your attention. Click one event and you’re able to preview the footage with pre-alarm images.Spot Monitor In addition to the main display via the HDMI output, you can assign a secondary display to show live view, call monitor or event monito



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